The Feasts: Your Appointed Journey REVISED EDITION

The Feasts: Your Appointed Journey REVISED EDITION went to the publisher today.

After several years of research, labor, editing and revising, we have finally completed a major revision to the book. While the first edition was well received, Angela and I felt that some things needed to be presented in a clearer manner and there were some new ideas and concepts we felt were important. We added several more chapters and I redesigned the graphics. I also added a comprehensive index to the end of the book to make research and review much easier. Angela worked hard on the editing to improve my grammar and to insure that I wrote what I really meant. Hopefully she was successful <wink>.

The end result is a more comprehensive and a more reader friendly book that now prints out to a whopping 393 pages.

It should be ready to order via for both paperback and Kindle soon.

May Jesus Christ grant you all joy,

Dr. Robert Ainsworth

P.S. As I was writing this post, I received an email informing me that the proof copies were just shipped by the publisher!

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